What is RDCO?

What is RDCO?

“Can you build me a website? I’ve already had a site built in the past but I didn’t really see any impact from it”

There’s a level of work as a freelancer i’ve been aiming at for the past few years. A sweet spot where a clients needs don’t outweigh what I can offer, but where also what I can offer outweighs what they can get for their money elsewhere.

There’s a lot of ways to create a website nowadays, many of which don’t even involve the need for a specialist. As well as this, there’s a lot of people willing to do the legwork for you, teams that can whip up a website and get your logo online in no time.

But how many of these result in a tangible change? How many new homepage’s turn in to emails for more information? How many new stores turn in to more sales?

I’ve worked in eCommerce at a successful agency for over 5 years, and web design even longer than that. I’ve worked with businesses looking to expand by upgrading their current store to a bigger one, and i’ve worked with entrepreneurs who are starting out with a concept and not much more. I’ve worked in big team to take websites to awards (and won a few), and i’ve worked by myself to turn personal projects in to businesses.

The one thing that everything i’ve worked on had in common though?


A tangible change. Stores saw an increase in sales, websites saw more traffic and enquiries. I personally feel that without results, without an impact, then there’s very little point in doing the project at all. If it’s not useable, if it doesn’t improve your business or your brand then why go through it all?

The days of needing a website to get your message out are fading. A lot can be done on other platforms. However there’s still a lot of things that can only be done only from a webpage. I’m not interested in cookie cutting the right graphics and putting them on a page. If you’ve come to an agency or freelancer you’ve identified the need for a site, and you’ve identified that a bit of expertise can go a long way.

RDCO was started to provide a service to a client ready to work together, on something they believe in and with the right approach. We’re a collective of specialists, but not every project calls for every skill set. Like a foreman who doesn’t always need to call in all his contractors, we keep involvement essential which keeps your costs down.

This is what RDCO is all about, just like when I was a freelancer working in that sweet spot of offering more agency experience and knowledge to projects with less of a budget. We now do the same. Working on an as needed basis, often times remotely, so that you can get your dream project off the ground and have it lead to results.

So that’s us! Feel free to reach out to us with an email or any of the means on our contact page.



Richard Moody... Is a digital creative consultant specialising in ecommerce. Previously building his career in one the UK's fastest growing digital hubs, he now works remotely, occasionally in a small collective, with passionate clients and grows his own ecommerce business while travelling the world.

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